Thursday 15 October 2020

Marlborough beaches recreational survey

Marlborough beach survey

As part of our RECOVER earthquake recovery research the Marine Ecology Research Group has established an online survey to assist the Marlborough community in recording and understanding the level and types of recreational beach uses that are occurring at present on the earthquake-affected coast

We are hoping to capture a comprehensive view of recreational activities and interests. This information will be beneficial to the wider community to support decision-making on earthquake recovery needs and potential strategies for achieving the best outcomes looking ahead. The survey is open to all interested people who are 18+ years of age (for informed consent reasons) and have information they would like to share.

The survey questions are open-ended and allow for any activity, view or perspective to be recorded. Privacy will be maintained at all times and no identifying information is asked for or collected. UC will be preparing summaries of the results and these will be made freely accessible via an online link.

Please access the Marlborough survey on the following link

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